Day 26

We perform at Zanzibar Film Festival in two days and we just finished forming our entire play yesterday! Its truly been a learning experience working with this cast and its helped further grow other talents that I have that I may not have felt as confident about or had much experience with before. I enjoy writing, I enjoy word play which is why I feel the need to now further grow my vocabulary, read more books, more poems, more spoken word, I wish to educate myself again. Because I believe I have a gift, a talent, that can flourish with nourishment and care. More Ntozake Shange, more Kirsten Greenidge, more Shakespeare, more poetic texts and heightened language that will take people on a satisfying cloud, music to the ears, something inside that says “Yes, that’s what I needed, my soul was craving what your mind cooked up even though your brain-fried tunes.”

Also, I went snorkeling for the first time the other day, and it was UNREAL. I felt like I never even fathomed God’s creation under bright blue waters. Just when I was blown away on land, God reminded me “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” below sea level. I love the water. It forced me to trust, to take the risk, it was an underwater adventure. There were times I was alone, I felt like I could lose my life at any second, times where I didn’t feel necessarily comfortable because the water would get in my nose, but the beauty was so ethereal, and when I relaxed, not too much, but just enough…it was utterly serene. A moment of being. Then, sometimes, guilt would slip in…leeches of the past sucking pleasure out of the present, causing me to be a little too cautious, a little more fearful of the sea urchins around me. Am I breathing right? What if I drown? And, when I relaxed too much I would lose control. Snorkeling was a life lesson in that it taught me to enjoy the present, take risks, trust my own abilities, trust in God, always be alert and aware and moving forward, don’t allow the past to dictate the present, and truly enjoy the moment and the beauty in front of you.

The next day we went to Kendwa Rocks, a beach resort in Zanzibar, and I had my first full body massage, which relieved my body of so much tension from past few weeks. And then…I saw the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. The sun was a bright pink with a lavender sky as its backdrop and set on a clear aquamarine ocean. It was as if I was on another planet. At that moment, I wished all my loved ones were there to share this experience with me, but that didn’t take away from the moment itself. This was a moment to share with new loved ones…friends that will be in my heart for a lifetime.


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