Day 22

I am so grateful for this beautiful, overwhelming, synesthetic Tanzanian adventure! Yesterday, I was able to share a piece of my writing that I actually never tried out before and felt insecure about and now it is going to be in our piece! We created some of our first movement, and I had a Black Girl Magic night out on our first day in Zanzibar. We visited Prison Island earlier that day, and I connected with a tortoise older than any human being alive. We all went out dancing to celebrate the end of Ramadan (Zanzibar population is more than 99% Muslim,) and met an international crowd of people, while also connecting with new friends. It was truly a night to remember. Today, we traveled to Matemwe where we toured a Spice Farm, and used all of our senses exploring where spices we only see in a container, actually originate. This Spice Farm is where I have had one of the best meals of my life. We currently at a DREAM resort, where we were welcomed with rose petals on the bed, a beach right outside our door, and plenty of time to finish creating our devised performance. Here, I hope to feel some form of escape from the recent police brutality reports of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, that are going on back in the states. Tonight, we held a small vigil on the beach honoring the victims and those before them. Here I am in paradise, and now I feel a wisp of reality…Here in Africa where most people are black…will they truly comprehend us if we proclaim Black Lives Matter?


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