Day 20

My last few days were out of this world. We had to leave our beautiful children at Light in Africa orphanage after they put on an AMAZING performance! These children probably haven’t experienced live theatre in their entire lives, but they put on a whole show in only a week! They practiced the day before, they had costumes, they spoke loudly…it was the saddest departure I’ve ever had to do…but I didn’t cry. Sometimes, I seem to process things later on rather than immediately. I’m going to write my babies and I really hope that my presence in their lives created a spark of inspiration, hope, and motivation to follow their dreams. After we left, we traveled an 8 hour journey to a campsite, and I did outdoor camping for the first time in my life…which actually wasn’t so bad. The group in South Tanzania had a leopard sighting when they went camping…so I think we actually did pretty well. The food that the camping site cooked for us was delicious, and the night’s sky glimmered brighter than I’ve ever seen it before, especially when there was a complete power outage. ¬†Saturday was the most adventurous day of my life! We visited the Hadzabe tribe, and learned their way of living, including, watching them skin antelope, learning how to make a fire and light up their handcrafted pipes, watched as they hunted, went inside a 1200 year old tree they use for when it rains, climbed that beautiful ancient tree, practiced some archery, listened to their language of clicking, sang and danced with their community. It was truly an unforgettable experience and BIGGEST culture shock I’ve ever experienced. We visited their blacksmith and watched how they created metals, weapons, jewelry, and other supplies. Later, we visited the Datoga tribe, where the wives welcomed our visit into their lives and culture. They gave us traditional facepaint, we pet their baby goats and puppies, and we ended up performing for them our fairytale! They told us that it was the first time they had visitors/tourists come in and give something back instead of always taking and taking. We ended the day chasing the sun, to watch the sunset at Lake Ayasa with our group being the only people there…it was like our little secret. I cried there because at that moment I emotionally released from feeling so much gratitude and being so utterly alive. The next day, we went on Safari at the Ngorongoro Crater, the place researchers say humanity first began. It was surreal, so extraordinarily stunning, and serene. The entire experience for me was proof that God is real. I feel like a transformed human being, and its opened my eyes to seeing things more clearly. Seeing some of my self inhibitions, and dealing with them. Becoming closer to God and trusting him to lead the way. Trusting myself more. Trusting my art more. Seeing that self-confidence shields insecurities that are burdens. And most importantly, remembering the power of love because love truly heals all else.


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