Day 12

Today was Day 2 of teaching and the children love me. They are so excited that we are here. I’m so glad to be a light in their lives for a brief time although, I did have a moment of tears where I cried for them, for the thought of them feeling like nobody wanted them, for their sickness, for them not having more to do, for Catherine, who wants to be an actor and a singer and a dancer but who may have to give up her body when she’s older in order to even be considered a chance at success. At Catherine, whose a dreamer, who sees beyond this village, who has talent and intelligence, and knows it, who gets teary-eyed when class is almost over, whose English is better than the workers themselves, who can dance and has more swagger than I ever did as a child, who gets sad because she knows this won’t last for long, who gets sad for reasons I will never know. I cried for the children, who watch and smile whenever we look at them, even though they can’t participate in some of the games. I cried for Felix, who twerks better than I do, and Hilda, who claps hard, who swings harder, who yells loudly, who is rebellious, and free…or is she?

Today, the kids got further in our lesson plan than expected. Although shy at first, a little nudging gets them out of their shell. I forgot how beautiful bubbles were, and the joy in their eyes lit a glimmer in the depths of my soul. Mount Kilimanjaro today was a view of wonder, and the stars in the sky, the read planet beaming brighter than the North Star, the twinkling lights that appeared the longer I looked up, reminded me of my dreams and God’s wonder.


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