Day 11

Today was an ADVENTURE! We went to Kilimanjaro Animal Resuscitation Farm! I tried rosella juice for the first time (tangy yet sweet and refreshing.) I was close to a mongoose, beautiful birds I couldn’t even imagine existed including the secretary bird, a beautiful stork of some sort, and two other birds that look like old people. We saw a black bird that looks like a black eagle and owl with a mohawk, we saw a warthog we called Pumba, a bushpig, and beautiful horses, one horse bit my coat. We saw a donkey, I empathized with because I remember a quote I think from Zora Neale Houston, “Black women are the donkeys of the world.” I now beg to differ though, I understand. I saw rabbits, and a syke monkey, I met a baboon named Montel. I went on a real hike, I saw a waterfall for the first time in person, under a batcave, and a lizard that looked like an alligator called the monitor lizard. I tiptoed a large fallen tree bark as long as the one in the Jungle Book movie. A baby baboon attempted to groom my hair tied up on top of my head in a scarf, and the lunch meal, especially the pumpkin soup, was to die for. We met two girls on our trip, interning in Tanzania. An Australian woman named Hanna talked to us about gender disparity and witchdoctors. I wore the feathers of a guinea fowl like a queen today, and all was well. Today, I lived life to the fullest and I have pictures to prove it! Pictures of the memories I pray to God I won’t forget.

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