Day 7

Today, we had another dance and music workshop with TaSuBa. We basically learned the traditional songs and dances for the preparation of marriage…so basically we learned how to twerk. Getting used to the different count rhythm and beat rhythm of African dance is weird because alot of our music is in counts of four but its helping me to develop my dancing ability while also letting go and having fun. We also had a mask workshop  with the elderly from the village of Matemwe, and learned about mask spirits and traditional mask dance. The food today was amazing as always here in Bagamoyo, and I finally found a dashiki for my dad and a cool musical instrument for myself-the marimba. Today, we began our devising process by interviewing people in the town about government corruption, homeless children, and AIDS. We met a man in particular in the process of creating a 400 page comic book about a Tanzanian superhero who rids the country of corruption. It was awesome. Later, we each had to create a poem and a movement piece to go with it in groups of two. I created a piece about witchcraft/witchdoctors on the beach, and how many witchdoctors manipulate women in order to have sex with them. We did it in the middle of a beach bonfire in a ritualistic fashion. Other pieces created were also about witchcraft, and homeless children…this devising process seems to be going in a specific direction. We can only wait and see…

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