Day 6

Yesterday was a brain overload full of fascinating discoveries, enjoyable art, and a total exploration of the senses. We have made it to the city of Bagamoyo, meaning “lay down your heart.” The coast of the city was the last place East African slaves saw before being shipped off to the Middle East. My ears were fed with the lyrics and melodies of the beautiful Swahili music and drums played by a woman shining with bright pink and blue. My touch was soothed by the Indian Ocean’s tides, a seashell that screamed my name, and sand that never wanted to be forgotten. My sight was entranced by the sun’s beautiful sister, the moon, that transformed from a large pink to a bright yellow, until it was just a small yet exquisite white moon, shining a spotlight above its waters. My sight caught the attention of the cool, local designed shirt I bought the love of my life, and the historical sites of the East African slave trade of the East. My taste was stimulated by the most delicious, African food. Sweet plantains and fresh calamari, prawn masala and fresh papaya. Doing the African Dance Workshop was so much fun and very communal, and freeing, and I see where hip hop dance originated. On the village tour of Bagamoyo, I discovered that Africa was composed of mostly matriarchal societies until the introduction of Islam and Christianity to the continent. The female leader by the name of Mwanamakuka of the Mwanamwezi tribe, in particular, was a queen I wish to learn more about. We also talked more about witchcraft, government corruption, sexual corruption, and gender disparity in Tanzania, which lead to a night of cast bonding and a truly fun time. I look forward to seeing what this journey leads to.

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